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The f2e Foundation and the Cluster hold a conference about Efficient Lighting Systems

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region and the f2e Foundation (Foundation for Energy Efficiency of the Valencian Community) have gathered in the I Conference on Efficient Lighting Systems some of the companies and entities more at the forefront in the field of efficient lighting. Trends such as the Smart Grinds (Intelligent Electrical Networks), the new lighting control and […]

Press release: The Cluster is committed to exporting natural gas to the EU

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region values as a business opportunity the regional energy positioning, given its natural gas exporting potential, in the face of a European supply crisis. Currently, the Valencia Region has surplus natural gas and has the appropriate gas infrastructure to become an exporter of this energy source. Link to the complete news here.

The Cluster and Facsa develop a project to obtain energy from wastewater

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region and the Castellón-based company Facsa, with experience in the integral water cycle, will carry out a study that will allow to know the potential of generating energy from industrial waste susceptible to be valorized in processes that have place in sewage treatment plants. The objective of the study is to determine the […]

The Cluster visits Marina d’Or

A representation of the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region visited the Marina d’Or hotel complex this morning with the aim of knowing the energy facilities that the company owns and which are the origin of the group’s diversification. This visit has taken place after the incorporation of Marina d’Or Renewable Energies to the Cluster of Energy of the […]

The presentation in Brussels of the Cluster of Energy of the C.V. on the press

The regional secretary of Economy, Industry and Commerce, Mr José Monzonís, has participated in Brussels in the presentation of the Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community, and he said “will contribute in a determined way to promote the internationalization and innovation of a key sector for our economy. “ Mr Monzonís has reiterated in his speech the support of the […]

Presentation in Brussels of the Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community

El pasado 11 de octubre, y en el marco de los Open Days, se presentó el Clúster de la Energía de la Comunidad Valenciana (CECV) en la sede de Climate-KIC de Bruselas. La presentación contó con la participación del secretario autonómico de Economía, Industria y Comercio, José Monzonís, el director de la Agencia Valenciana de la Energía, Antonio Cejalvo, el […]

The creation of the Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community in the media

The Energy Cluster of the Valencia Region is born with several objectives: to energize the entire energy sector of the region, improving its levels of competitiveness, to address a global market from a regional structure; and “encouraging business cooperation, becoming a forum for companies with interests in the energy sector, which allows the implementation of joint innovative initiatives aimed at […]