The main objective of the Cluster is to favor the innovation of the companies of the Energy and Environmental sector to improve their competitiveness, promoting, for this purpose, fundamental aspects such as innovation, collaboration, internationalization, etc.

The Cluster promotes cooperation among the various agents of the sector and exploits the synergies of collaboration between companies, Technological Institutes, Research and Training Centers, and Administration bodies. To achieve this, it integrates a wide variety of agents in the sector: companies, business associations, technology centers, universities, public administrations, financial entities and other agents.

By associating you can enjoy the following elements of services and activities:

  • Expansion and Internationalization
  • Sector Dynamization
  • Investment and Financing
  • R&D&i projects
  • Cooperation, Agreements and Collaborations
  • Internal and external, national and international networking
  • Bridge with Public Organizations
  • Collaboration with Public Organizations in the Energy and Environment Sector
  • Technological Surveillance and Competitive Intelligence
  • Communication and Dissemination Dissemination and Dissemination
  • Participation and negotiation in events.
  • Training and Professionalization