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Next Call for R&D Projects for SMEs through Clusters

It is approaching the date of the next call by the Ministry of Support for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) in order to improve the competitiveness of SMEs. The program aims at the development of R & D projects for companies that belong to accredited associations such as AEIs – Innovative Business Groups, accreditation currently held by the Energy Cluster of […]

Project: Energy Machine Hunter

The company Nuevas Técnicas de Automatización Industrial S.L. (NUTAI) and the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE), together with the Energy Cluster of the Valencia Region, are carrying out an innovative project of industry 4.0 to increase the productive capacity by optimizing a predictive maintenance based on a on-line diagnosis of machinery and equipment, making use of digital technologies for this […]

Final review of the LIFE CO2Formare project in which the Cluster participates in the consortium

We are approaching the end of the CO2Formare project at Iberdrola’s Combined Cycle Power Plant in Castellón, and tomorrow we will review it with the representative of the European Commission’s Project Officer. Led by Iberdrola, the project involves a consortium formed by seven companies and aims to demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to remedy the […]

UBE and QMC with the Cluster innovate to optimize wind generation

The company UBE Chemical Europe, based in the El Serrallo polygon of Castellón, and the Valencian SME: QMC Tecnología Química together with the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region have carried out an innovative project by which the operating conditions of the wind turbines, increases their efficiency and durability. The objective of the project is to develop a system […]

Companies of the Cluster innovate to promote Biogas

The development and implementation of the Biomass, which is one of the main strategic lines of the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region, to which the promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewables are added, will receive a boost thanks to the collaboration of two 100% Valencian companies. The project of Development of solutions and advanced tools […]

Innovative projects will be developed in the Cluster

Three innovative projects involving Valencian companies have been selected for the call for grants for Innovative Business Clusters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism. The Ministry of Industry has made public the list of selected projects within the program of aid to Innovative Businesses Clusters (AEIs), to which have been submitted about 400 projects proposed by more than […]

Presentation of the CO2Formare Project in EGETICA

The Cluster participates in the LIFE + CO2FORMARE project in a consortium formed by Iberdrola Generación, which leads the project, Iberdrola Ingeniería, Idesa Fabrication, the Water Technology Center (CETAQUA), Nalco Española and the OX-CTA Water Treatment Company. The project aims to promote the protection of the environment with the efficient use of CO2 produced in thermal power plants and thus […]

NUTAI and VSE develop Valencian technology for the calculation of the CO2 footprint in industrial processes

NUTAI, VSE and the Cluster of Energy develop a system to measure the carbon footprint in production processes. The consortium formed by the Valencian companies NUTAI and VSE together with the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region have developed an innovative measurement system that will facilitate the calculation of the CO2 footprint per unit produced, allowing a more efficient […]

The Cluster and Facsa develop a project to obtain energy from wastewater

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region and the Castellón-based company Facsa, with experience in the integral water cycle, will carry out a study that will allow to know the potential of generating energy from industrial waste susceptible to be valorized in processes that have place in sewage treatment plants. The objective of the study is to determine the […]