Innovative projects will be developed in the Cluster

Three innovative projects involving Valencian companies have been selected for the call for grants for Innovative Business Clusters of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism.

The Ministry of Industry has made public the list of selected projects within the program of aid to Innovative Businesses Clusters (AEIs), to which have been submitted about 400 projects proposed by more than 120 clusters throughout Spain.

Among the projects selected are 3 of the projects by two consortiums formed by the Cluster and 8 companies and entities of the Valencia Region, which have obtained a total of 275,000 euros, which represents an important return for the Community of the FEDER funds of the European Union.

The projects have been selected for their high innovative component and are framed within the lines of the Strategic Plan 2015-2019 of the cluster, whose positive selection by the inter-ministerial evaluation commission has earned the association the renewal of its registration in the special register of AEIs.

The Project for the Management of Community Installations for Air Conditioning and Sanitary Hot Water, in which the ITE participates, and three SMEs: Engitec, Nutai and AGC, consists of the development of an energy control system for common air conditioning and hot water installations Tertiary or residential buildings and complexes, which are the ones with the highest energy consumption. This project allows to optimize the energy control of the facilities at all levels of use and exploitation taking into account the type of user profile: final, installation manager and owner. The energy sources with which gas, electricity and solar thermal energy operate.

Among the main innovations used for the development of the project are the implementation of a ubiquitous intelligence system in energy and tariff tracking systems or the interface that encourages detection among users, as well as promoting energy awareness.

In another of the selected projects, in which UBE Chemical Europe participates, founding member of the Cluster of Energy, has been dedicated to designing a test equipment to reproduce the things in the open air of a wind turbine blade, which helps to test and evaluate the effects of erosion on the edge of the blade attack.

The leading edge is the area of ​​the blades that first came into contact with the air during the operation of the wind turbines, so it is more punished and suffers a lot of wear and more important, causing premature aging. The main blade manufacturers in the world have a solution to this problem, which is what they intend with this test test, developed by the other company that participates in this project, QMC Chemical Technology and will mean an alternative to the only standardized test that exists. global level to measure the effects of erosion on wind blades.

Alongside these projects, the project Development of tools for the manufacture of Smartbiogás modules, led by Inderén and NUNSYS, has also been selected. The objective of this project is to develop a prototype plasma cutting machine capable of making cuts in vertical plane. It is an important innovation given that there is no equivalent tool in the market, and that it is an important competitive advantage in the manufacture of control modules for all types of industrial facilities.

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region, is a group of innovative companies registered in the Ministry of Industry that is the main part of the value chain of the energy sector in the promotion and innovation of the Valencian Community. Founding members of the Cluster include BP Oil Spain, Iberdrola, Gas Natural Fenosa, SAGGAS, Spain’s Electrical Network, in addition to the aforementioned UBE. The Generalitat Valenciana is a member of the Cluster through IVACE Energía.

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