UBE and QMC with the Cluster innovate to optimize wind generation

The company UBE Chemical Europe, based in the El Serrallo polygon of Castellón, and the Valencian SME: QMC Tecnología Química together with the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region have carried out an innovative project by which the operating conditions of the wind turbines, increases their efficiency and durability.

The objective of the project is to develop a system that allows to reproduce the real conditions of a wind turbine blade, which will allow to evaluate the effects of erosion on the leading edge of the blade, which is, by far, the area of ​​the blade. more suffers during its operation. The ultimate goal is to develop a solution that maximizes resistance and is compatible with current manufacturing processes.

This innovative project, which is aligned with the strategic lines of the Cluster that include the promotion of renewable energies, the use of wind energy and energy efficiency, has been selected due to its high innovative component by the Innovative Business Groupings program ( AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism and co-financed by FEDER funds.

This technology will significantly increase not only the useful life of wind turbines, but also the period of maximum efficiency of these, as well as reduce their maintenance costs.

At present there is only one system in the market that allows measuring the effects of erosion on the wind blades, marketed by a Danish company, so this development represents an important innovation at the international level and on which they have shown great interest. leading manufacturers.

The multinational located in Castellón UBE Chemical Europe, a world leader in the manufacture of polycarbonate diol (PCD), brings its expertise in the synthesis and manufacture of PCD, its great capacity for characterization of the formulations and support with the selection of these products. UBE has great experience in projects of these characteristics in which the excellent properties of these high performance polymers can be applied.

For its part, the Valencian SME QMC Tecnología Química, with a high degree of specialization in polymer-based products, will develop a material based on polyureas and an application system for the new material that will increase efficiency by reducing manufacturing times.

The program to support Innovative Business Groups of MINETUR, whose next call will be published next June, with a budget of 11 million euros, has as its main purpose to promote innovative collaborative projects for what offers subsidies to companies lost fund members of the clusters.

The Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community brings together the main innovative companies of the energy sector in the Valencian Community in order to support collaboration among them, promote innovation and strengthen the industrial fabric of the Community.

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