Final review of the LIFE CO2Formare project in which the Cluster participates in the consortium

We are approaching the end of the CO2Formare project at Iberdrola’s Combined Cycle Power Plant in Castellón, and tomorrow we will review it with the representative of the European Commission’s Project Officer.

Led by Iberdrola, the project involves a consortium formed by seven companies and aims to demonstrate the feasibility of an innovative and environmentally friendly solution to remedy the formation of macrofouling in the refrigeration circuits of combined cycle power plants.

Biofouling is the fouling process that leads to the deterioration or degradation of equipment, components or systems, caused by the uncontrolled growth of living organisms on its surface. When this phenomenon is produced by organisms of large size such as mussels, clams, sabotid polychaetes, barnacles, etc., it is called macrofouling.


The CO2FORMARE project is a European project co-financed by the LIFE + program (LIFE 13 / ENV / ES / 000426), which takes place at Iberdrola’s combined cycle plant in Castellón.

The Energy Cluster of the Valencia Regionm leads the Communication and Dissemination work package.

Today we have reviewed the results of the project, and we have reviewed the facilities prior to the tests to be carried out tomorrow “in situ” in the presence of the representatives of the European Commission.

The project can only be described as a resounding success, having obtained outcomes higher to those initially foreseen, which confirm the system, the methodology used as well as the technologies employed, which have been expressly developed for the project and represent great technological advances.


Shortly the Layman report will be available where we will detail the progress made, as well as describe the technologies used.

Meanwhile, we leave you some images of the project.





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