Project: Energy Machine Hunter

The company Nuevas Técnicas de Automatización Industrial S.L. (NUTAI) and the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE), together with the Energy Cluster of the Valencia Region, are carrying out an innovative project of industry 4.0 to increase the productive capacity by optimizing a predictive maintenance based on a on-line diagnosis of machinery and equipment, making use of digital technologies for this purpose.

This innovative project, which is aligned with the Cluster R&D strategy that includes among others Industry 4.0, Energy Efficiency, Smart Grids, etc., has been selected, due to its high innovative component, by the Innovative Business Groupings program (AEI) of the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Tourism (recognized by the Energy Cluster) and co-financed with FEDER funds.

The objective pursued with this project is the development of a system that is capable of capturing, treating and analyzing the efforts and consumptions in the machines to achieve a complete digitalization of the productive environment and guide the information to achieve performance improvements and increase of productivity, based fundamentally on the improvement of the productive capacity, being able to detect the failures that occur in the machines through an analysis of the trend and a traceability system, and in the correct use of the necessary energy of operation.

In this way it will be possible to carry out the immediate detection of problems, with the clear identification of the drive that has caused the failure, being able to know its tendency through predictive models, which will contribute to increase the efficiency and profitability of the companies, allowing the increase of its competitiveness

For this purpose, a new system based on the massive capture of data with the sensors and appropriate equipment for the realization of the data collection will be designed and implemented, as well as carry out the monitoring of the processes, the controls of the devices in the equipment, and energy consumption.

The project constitutes a very important novelty for the industrial sector since new instrumentation technologies will be developed in order to achieve a complete and adequate digitalization of the productive environment, ending, among others, the old technique of using multiple oscilloscopes. channels to identify the origin of the failure

The implantation of these new technologies in the industrial processes will derive in the improvement of the yield and the efficiency of the production and in the creation of safer production environments.

The main objective of the support program for Innovative Business Clusters (AEI) of MINETUR is to promote innovative collaborative projects by offering subsidies to companies that belong to the clusters recognized by the Ministry as AEIs.

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