Automation of SMARTBIOGAS modules

The current market of renewable energies has the need to incorporate scalable and low-cost solutions that allow the use of available resources such as biomass, in the most generalized and affordable way possible. Thus, the market can be opened much more to products of easy installation and low costs, which are usually associated with the production “in chain” of the same. The modular solutions, transferred to this context, are a very interesting proposal.

In biogas plants, the savings in transport costs and the collection of materials, as well as labor, when resorting to modular solutions is 50% compared to the traditional construction of brick and installations carried out on site. The following advantages:

  • Better quality of the facilities, by working in a controlled environment such as the workshop of the company.
  • Best level of finish, having all the necessary tools and materials, as well as the external workshops involved in the construction.
  • Ease of transportation of the main components of the plant to the destination to be approved in the format of maritime containers..

In this context, and from the point of view of the regional and national industry, it is necessary for companies to add their technological capabilities to be able to compete internationally and not be relegated to the mere role of installers or subcontractors.

It is in this line where the companies that present this project are working, with the development of R & D & i activities aimed at having their own product, whose manufacture and distribution can be optimized in their processes and scaled to revert into a business model profitable and projection.

In this way, Inderen, specialized in modular solutions for biogas plants, and Nunsys, specializing in the incorporation of information technologies for process control and production management converge. Both are completed in the development of this project in order to optimize the manufacturing of modular solutions of biogas of Inderen and allow consolidate these two Valencian companies in a successful collaboration to be able to address the international market with guarantees.

The main objective of the support program for Innovative Business Clusters (AEI) of MINETUR is to promote innovative collaborative projects by offering subsidies to companies that belong to the clusters recognized by the Ministry as AEIs.

Participants in the project:

  • INDEREN – Ingeniería de Desarrollos Renovables
  • Clúster de Energía de la Comunitat Valenciana