CO2 emissions allocation platform

The Carbon Footprint is an environmental tool, indicating the impact that products and our organizations exert on climate change, which describes the total amount of CO2 emissions and other greenhouse gases (GHG) caused directly or indirectly by an individual , organization, event or product throughout its life cycle.

This project develops a new product that allows the control and management of signals in real time, with which you can measure, monitor and control energy consumption per unit manufactured to calculate your CO2 footprint.

The “Platform for the Allocation of CO2 Emissions in Industrial Processes” will allow the collection of energy data corresponding to three-phase and single-phase electrical supplies using smart electronic meters approved by the electric companies.

The system automatically associates the energy parameters to the piece produced, allowing immediate action on the process and enabling a control over the emissions directly, as opposed to the current system used in the industry consisting of an indirect calculation of the footprint of CO2

The incorporation of a measurement system that facilitates the calculation of the CO2 footprint will allow a more efficient optimization of the productive processes, decreasing the industrial energy consumption. Thus, new advances in the automation of industrial processes will be achieved, which will lead to the development of a solution with high technological impact while introducing new concepts of productive profitability based on energy efficiency, thanks to ICT solutions that allow measuring, monitor and control energy consumption in the industry.

The main objective of the support program for Innovative Business Clusters (AEI) of MINETUR is to promote innovative collaborative projects by offering subsidies to companies that belong to the clusters recognized by the Ministry as AEIs.

Participants in the project:

  • NUTAI – Nuevas Técnicas de Automatización Industrial
  • VSE Smart Energy
  • Clúster de Energía de la Comunitat Valenciana