The press echoes the General Assembly of the Energy Cluster of the Valencian Community

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region has held its General Assembly, chaired by the Minister of Economy, Industry, Tourism and Occupation Mr. Máximo Buch; and the Mayor of Castellón Mr. Alfonso Bataller, in the headquarters that this association has in the Innovation, Energy and Sustainability Center of Castellón.

The Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region brings together the main companies of the energy sector in the Valencia Region in order to support collaboration among them, promote innovation and strengthen the industrial fabric of the Valencia Region. BP, Gas Natural Fenosa, Iberdrola, Spain’s Electrical Network, SAGGAS, UBE, Gimeno Group, Grupotec, Marina D’Or Renewable Energy, Nutai, Power Electronics, SRB Energy, Titania Technology Services, VSE Smart Energy, Zurcal , AVAESEN and the Technological Institute of Energy (ITE) are part of the Cluster of Energy.

The Generalitat Valenciana are collaborating partners through the IVACE, the UPV, the UV, the UJI and the City of Castellón.

Link to the complete articles: El Periodic here and Castellón Diario here.

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