Companies of the Cluster innovate to promote Biogas

The development and implementation of the Biomass, which is one of the main strategic lines of the Cluster of Energy of the Valencia Region, to which the promotion of energy efficiency and the use of renewables are added, will receive a boost thanks to the collaboration of two 100% Valencian companies.

The project of Development of solutions and advanced tools for the automation of the manufacturing of smartbiogás modules, which has been selected for its high innovative component by the program of Innovative Business Groups of the Ministry of Industry, aims to develop a prototype machine plasma cutting capable of acting in the vertical plane, which is an important innovation at the international level and will increase the competitiveness of the process by reducing costs in the manufacture of biogas stations, and can also be used for other types of facilities such as sewage treatment plants, etc.

This project integrates the capabilities of Nunsys for the optimization of the processes and manufacturing of Inderen with a degree of innovation and development in line with the concept of Industry 4.0 or intelligent manufacturing, and include the advanced design of biogas module solutions, as well as the application of information technologies, computer design, processes and control software applied to machines and tools, etc. what allows to consolidate the collaboration between these two Valencian companies to be able to address the international market with guarantees.

The EU Energy R & D policies include Biomass as a European Industrial Initiative (IIE) within the SET-Plan, with the aim of accelerating energy technologies and reaching a low carbon future. In Spain, for its part, the State Plan for Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation establishes bioenergy and the development of biofuels as the fourth thematic priority. The Smart Specialization Strategy for Research and Innovation in the Valencian Community (RIS3-CV) also establishes among the most important eco-technological challenges and capacities in the Valencian Community Biomass, within the technologies for energy efficiency.

Among the expected benefits of this project is an improvement in processes, with a reduction in costs and an increase in productivity and safety, as well as improvements in modular solutions in the market and repercussion for the company.

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